There are many online bookmaking companies now vying for your business. We believe that one of the best is Unibet, which started life a couple of decades ago and has grown into a very popular provider of instantly accessible gambling opportunities.

Unibet delivers so many live betting opportunities covering sports right across the globe. So whether you want to wager on overseas soccer or the NBA, tennis, volleyball, or baseball – plus of course all our Aussie horse racing and other native sports, Unibet is the place to visit. You’ll also discover so many promotions, for the gee-gees as well as the ever-popular NRL and AFL.

They offer a superb mobile app and easy to use website; and as well as live betting, you can also treat yourself to any of the thousands of Unibet live streaming opportunities that will be available to you.

Unibet also like to blog all the time, letting you know what you need to about upcoming events, great sporting match-ups and so much more. Detailed statistics and live scores are also their thing. Good to know: Unibet offer industry topping payback on the EPL amongst many other European soccer leagues.

So, with so much going for them, do look at opening a Unibet account – you can also benefit from their Bonus Bets; deposit $300 and it will be matched in this way.

Unibet Signup Bonus Bets

Around 20 years ago, we were enjoying movies such as Braveheart and Titanic, Apollo 13 and Jerry Maguire. The last of these, of course, was about sports and memorably featured the line: ‘Show me the money!’ Around the same time, Unibet was set up and now are happy, when you sign-up for an account, to. well, you’ll have guessed it!

The money in this case is their superb Unibet Bonus Bets offer when you make your first deposit. So, you provide your initial deposit of $300 and Unibet match it. Money well and truly shown! By the way, uniquely, they also return your original stake with any winnings you accrue.

Other points to note: the minimum Unibet Bonus Bets bet amount for this offer is $20, and it can only be on markets with odds which are greater than $1.40. It’s also a requirement for you to turn over the value of the Bonus Bets awarded by 4 times. By the way, the money expires after 30 days without being used.

Unibet are about so much more than this excellent opening offer though; you’ll see this if you pay them a visit for yourself.

Unibet Betting Features

When asked to describe a person or place, you are likely to produce a list of prominent and important features that come quickly to your mind. If asked to describe an online betting company, we’d do much the same. So that’s exactly what we are going to do right now with Unibet!

Let’s start at the other side of the world. We know that many Australian punters like to bet on the English Premier and other European soccer leagues. Well, it’s Unibet who we believe deliver industry best payback levels for your bets.

When you join them and sign up for an account, you can enjoy the Unibet Bonus Bets offer to exactly match a $300 deposit from you. An added bonus that others neglect: Unibet also gives you back your original stake with any winnings.

Now, if you like to enjoy a special promotional offer, Unibet’s excellence here sticks out like the nose on an anteater’s face! You’ll find brilliant weekly horse racing opportunities, together with further promotions for our NRL and AFL. And when the racing carnivals, and other top events, are taking place, they’ll even surpass themselves!

Add so much in the way of live betting from every corner of our world, and an app that is just so accessible for Apples and Androids. See for yourself now, and check out their live mobile app sports streaming too.

Unibet Mobile App

You’re in a hurry to get somewhere in a strange town and turn into a side street which looks like a shortcut. But it’s a dead end. You ask for directions but the person you talk to simply confuses you. You look for a clear sign to your destination, but none seems to exist.

How frustrating would that be? Same online when you try to use an app that doesn’t have accessibility and functionality at its heart. If you’re a keen or even occasional punter, the great news is that, unlike that lost traveller, the Unibet mobile betting app is just so quick and easy to download and install and then clear and simple to use on your Apple or Android device just as soon as you have done so.

You’ll be able to quickly find your way to the live betting or streaming opportunities you’re looking for. You’ll easily gain access to the range of promotions that they’re famous for. You can read their info-rich blog in an instant.

Added to all this accessibility is a great ‘matching your deposit’ new customer offer. See this for yourself, at Unibet, here and now.

Unibet Overall Rating

How familiar are you with Unibet? You might already know that they offer outstanding opportunities for live betting on so many sports events from all around the world. Or that they are particularly noted as industry leaders in the payback offered on English Premier League and European soccer competitions betting.

Or, if you are new to the online bookmaking world, all of this might be unknown, but now welcome, news. Here are some other points about Unibet Australia. Accessibility is superb, thanks to a terrific Unibet mobile app, downloadable to either Android and Apple. Their welcome offer, for new sign-ups, is one of the larger ones - deposit $300 in your new account and they’ll match that in Unibet Bonus Bets. Unlike every other company we know, they also return your original stake with any winnings.

Unibet are also known for their love of a good promotional offer. This includes both weekly and special events, and you can also enjoy so much in the way of Unibet live sports streaming through their app.

That’s only some of what we could tell you about Unibet, but we’re sure you’ll want to see for yourself.